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Hi there, I'm Nessy! a 25y old freelance artist and V-tuber based in the US.
For any questions or inquiries:

TuesdayYes1PM - 6AM
WednesdayYes1PM - 6AM
ThursdayYes1PM - 6AM
FridayYes1PM - 6AM
SaturdayYes1PM - 6AM

All times listed are generally free worktime hours, Feel free to contact any day, and I will answer if available!

TheLochNessy Commission Terms of Service

Terms & Conditions

Payment will be through Paypal. Payment upfront, I will invoice!I have the right to refuse any request.
It may take me a few weeks to finish your request. (Some request may take me longer due to complexity)I am allowed to post my finished commissions. Please inform me if you need it to be secret.If you want to make merchandise of a commissioned piece, please contact me because there will be an additional charge. All commercial fees are double the commission price (Excluding Rush Fee), Rush fee is half the commission cost added.Do not claim, edit, trace, copy, repost my artworks in any circumstances without first getting my consent.Revisions are free, I'd like to make you happy. Entire new designs will come at a cost!No refunds at this time. But if you become unhappy with wait time, or the received product, I have no problem redoing, or giving extra art for it! ♥I will not start your commission piece until full payment is paid. Unless agreed on payment plan. Or I may feel what you request I cannot produce, I will give it a shot before payment, and if it works out we can proceed.Prices are subject to change, but once you've been given waitlist, or paid. You will not be charged the new prices!If you sell your model and all art/assets with them, Please contact me about it! I'd like to keep track of where my assets go. To ensure they are being sold at a fair price, and not being sold on merch with out my permission!And finally, please don't forget to credit me! Just once atleast!

Will Not Do

UsagePersonal UseCommercial Use
Fanart and personal enjoyment.✔️✔️
Repost/animate the illustration. (with credit to the illustrator).✔️✔️
Use it in Thumbnails/Streams/Videos.✔️✔️
Print or making merch of the illustration for personal and private use (not selling anything).✔️✔️
Secret commission (not publishing the final work).✔️
Use the illustration as a videogame asset.✔️
Full rights over the artwork.✔️
Heavily edit the artwork.✔️
Use the illustration to giveaway free merch.✔️
Use the illustration to lucrate (physical/virtual merch)✔️
Will DoWill Not Do
OCs (Original Characters)OCs with out owners consent (Unless its a Gift)
AnimalsNo harm or abuse to animals.
NSFWNo NSFW involving animals or minors.
GoreAbusive content
FanartHumans (Yet)
Cute/PastelAnimations (Soon though)

Please use this application when contacting me, so we can cover all details!

Copy & Paste Application
Commission Type:
Paypal Email for Invoice:
Personal, Streamer, or Merchandising use:
Is this order needed by a specific date?:
May I post this commission when finished, or should I wait for a specific date:
Extra details and information (You can leave the design up to me, but if you want a specific look, kindly describe it!):

By commissioning me, you have read and agree to my terms of service.

Last Updated: 02/22/2022

Cuppys x Parfaits

Cuppy Gallery



Different variations include

1x Full Sparkly

1x Full

1x Empty Sparkly

1x Empty

+ Cuppy designs with large props/tails will receive additional versions with and without, as well as separated tail image.

VTuber Models

Riggable Live2D Models Models

$80 ($140 For Merchandising)

You will receive:
a fully separated model PSD file ready for rigging 3000x3000px 300dpi

All models come with a set of sticker expressions, Customs and additionals will come at extra cost.
(Set of 5 stickers) +10$ for customs

Additional to sticker expressions you will receive 2 eye shapes, Closed mouth, and open mouth, and blush (If applicable).

PNG only, No seperation

$60 ($120 for Merchandising)

You will receive:
a PNG allowed for usage on stream, posting online, Icons, ect


For merchandising, there is a fee additional.

Sub & Bit Badges

# Of BadgesRecolor (+10)Minor Change (+15)Major Change (+20)
♡ 3x607590
♡ 6x110120150
♡ 9x120165210
♡ 12x150210270
♡ 15x180255330
♡ 18x210300390

Pricing Per Badge Type

$30 USD for the base Design

Each color Change Past the first is $10

Each design with minor changes is $15

Each design with Major changes is $20

Each Flare will be an additional $5

It will take around 24 - 156 subs to pay off the listed prices ($60-$390)
You will be profiting off the art work after that point!

You will receive your Badge(s) in 6 sizes

+$10 for Original sizes 500x500


Contact for larger bundles!
Bundles are subject to change based on request, I may or may not accept changes based on workload.

When you commission a badge please be considerate of how small the canvas size is. Details will muddy up overall so clean and simple is always best!

Transparent background.

Due to small size, expect designs to be simple.

Chairs x Tip pets x ect


1 chair $50

Additional Chair for one order $45+

Major redesign to the base would be additional cost $25+

Entirely new design and shape would be additional cost $40+


1 Mic $30

Additional Mic for one order $25+

Major redesign to the base would be additional cost $15+


1 Desk $15

Additional Desk for one order $10+

Major redesign to the base would be additional cost $15+

Twitch panels (Experimental)


Panel Set of 4 (Same design) ($40)
Panel Set of 4 (All different designs ($70)
Per additional Panel +($5)
Per redesign Panel +($10)

Bundles are subject to change based on request, I may or may not accept changes based on workload.

Illustrations (Experimental)


Base ($80) - One Pokemon
Another Pokemon Added +($50)
Background +($30)
Foreground Details +($20)

Setup Guidance

What works for me:

#sltipjar {display: none;visibility: hidden;}

Has worked in the past:

#jar {display: none;visibility: hidden;}

Has worked on some versions:

body { background-color rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); margin 0px auto; overflow hidden; }
#sltipjar {display none;visibility hidden;}

If none of these are working for you, please contact me, I will do my absolute best to help you find a solution!

Free Assets

More Info

All assets can be found here!

All images link directly to their respective page on Ko-fi

I THELOCHNESSY will always own the full rights to these artworks and the customer is only permitted to use them for personal use and on Twitch/Youtube/Discord.

You are permitted to use these how you please, Just don't claim ownership. I THELOCHNESSY created the original version. Credit not required, but is always appreciated. You can use for art, and other needs as a material (Not on merchandise! You can not make money selling my images, If interested in collaborating on designs contact me on Twitter @TheLochNessyy)!

All assets are “Free to use”, meaning that they are non-exclusive and can/will be used by multiple customers. You as the user are not allowed to file DMCA claims to any other customers using these assets.



Please do not redistribute my free assets, free or for money.

COMING .Dyvex Shop Art Collab. SOON

Pins, Charms, Stickers and more!